28 Healthy Travel Tips - Part 2

16. Always Wear Sunscreen and Good Sunglasses -

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what the weather is like; you need to protect your skin! Those overcast, cloudy days can trick you into thinking the sun isn’t going to burn your skin. It is vital that any time you are outdoors, you have sunscreen on. Get the highest SPF you can, even if that means getting makeup or moisturizer that has sunblock in it.

Reapply after you have been in the water, such as going swimming in the pool or ocean. If you are planning on being outside for most of the day, reapply your sunscreen every few hours.

17. Find Hikes and Other Outdoor Activities

To stay fit and healthy while on your trip, think about outdoor activities that will be available. Maybe your hotel has a pool that you can go swimming in every morning, or you can walk along the beach to get in a good workout.

You might find activities like hiking, walking tours, or kayaking, or maybe it is the winter and you want to go skiing or snowboarding.

It is easy to combine fun with exercise when you’re on vacation.

18. Take it Easy With Your Itinerary

It can be tempting to try to fill up every minute of your day with something fun if you’re on vacation, but it is a test to take it easy when it comes to your itinerary. Have empty spots during the day to rest and relax, and just enjoy yourself. This helps both your physical and mental health when you are travelling.

19. Limit Alcohol Consumption

We get it, drinking is fun! While you don’t need to have a sober vacation (unless you want to of course), it is a good idea to take it easy on drinking. Here are a few reasons this helps with your health:

Alcohol disrupts your sleep – Sleep is really important when you’re travelling, so the last thing you want to do is make it even harder to get good sleep by drinking too close to bedtime.

It can make you hotter than necessary in the summer – When you drink alcohol, it tends to raise your body temperature. You might start feeling ill if you are travelling somewhere hot in the summertime.

Alcohol causes dehydration – Alcohol will also make you really dehydrated, and if you are enjoying yourself, you might not think to drink more water.

Most mixed drinks are filled with sugar – This is a big one if you are trying to stay on track with your health goals while travelling. Mixed drinks with alcohol are usually loaded with sugar, so it is best to reduce how often you consume them. Plus, sugar can also make you feel ill and worsen your hangover.

20. Know Where the Grocery Stores and Markets Are

While you can probably find many restaurants with healthy food options on your trip, it helps to also know where the markets are if you’re making your own food. It can be as simple as getting some eggs and veggies for a healthy breakfast in your AirBnB or maybe getting ingredients to have a salad for dinner instead of ordering pizza.

Plus, the closer the grocery store is to where you are, the more inclined you will be to make extra visits there to ensure you are healthy as possible. This also tells you whether or not you should be bringing more healthy non-perishable snacks if you are in a hotel room without a mini-fridge.

21. Plan For Hotel Room Workouts

Aside from outdoor physical activities on your trip, you can also get in some great workouts right in your hotel room. Prepare before your trip by looking for home workouts that don’t require any special equipment. There are many bodyweight workouts like callisthenics, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, and so many more than you do from anywhere.

All you will need is a tablet or smartphone and internet access to do these workouts. If you will be somewhere without the internet, don’t worry! You can also bring along a book with workouts or even just study the workout before your trip, then you don’t need the instruction.

22. Make Veggies and Fruits Your Main Course

Yes, you can still enjoy all those fun, exotic, and even fattening foods while on vacation. You don’t have to feel like you can’t eat anything good or enjoy time with your family and friends just because you are keeping your health in mind.

The best way to handle this is to focus more on balance, is to have your healthier foods as your main course, then a side dish or dessert of something that is more of a treat. For example, eat a nice big salad for lunch, then have a little piece of cheesecake with it. Or have eggs and fruit for breakfast, and a piece of the pastry instead of the entire thing.

23. Practice Self-Care Before and After Your Trip

This has many benefits, but in terms of travel, it helps a lot with your anxiety and stress levels. Some people are really not big fans of travelling, even if it’s for something fun like a family vacation. If this sounds like you, then self-care before and after your trip can work wonders.

Get some extra pampering in, give yourself plenty of rest, and have enough downtime before and after you travel to relax your mind.

24. Bring a Sleep Mask

You already know how important sleep is in general, as well as when you’re travelling, but it isn’t always easy. If you’re flying, there is jet lag to worry about, and if you’re driving, it can feel like your sleep schedule is off and on all day.

When you are finally rested in bed no matter where you are and are struggling to sleep, use a sleep mask. They are soft and comfortable and help to keep it nice and dark so you can feel more restful.

25. Take Your Time Getting Ready in the Morning

Set your alarm a little earlier than your travelling companions before you get the day started. By having some extra alone time to get ready, you are able to focus on both your mental and physical health. You don’t feel rushed and stressed in the morning, you have time to just enjoy wherever you are and can have some mindfulness time for journaling or meditating.

Plus, the more time you give yourself, the better your chances are for eating a healthy breakfast. If you rush out to the door to your first excursion of the day, you’re more likely to grab something convenient and unhealthy.

26. Manage Jet Lag Like the Pros

Jet lag occurs most often when you are travelling to a different time zone, especially if you do so quickly like on an aeroplane. Your natural circadian rhythm is interrupted, which can make it difficult to rest. Jet lag also causes some other symptoms, including headaches, muscle aches and pains, nausea, and fatigue.

The best thing you can do for jet lag is to quickly change your routine for the current time zone, not the one when you’re at home. It will feel difficult the first few nights as you are probably sleeping when typically you would be awake and vice versa, but this is the best shot you have at regulating your system.

27. Prepare for Dealing With Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety can affect anyone, but people with an anxiety disorder or panic disorder are a lot more susceptible to it. This anxiety comes from many things, from the method of travel, to be somewhere new, uncomfortable in your surroundings, and if you are afraid of getting a panic attack.

Prepare for your anxiety as much as you can, such as:

Bring enough anxiety meds to last the entire trip.

Use apps on your phone to help you relax.

Travel with friends or family, instead of alone.

Bring distractions, like a journal, books, or creative activities.

Do your research about where you are going and what you will be experiencing.

28. Book Tours with a Group if Traveling Alone

This is a good idea for many reasons. First of all, group trips help you meet others and is a fun way to enjoy a solo vacation, without being completely alone. It is also a really good idea to have the tour guide with you in case anything happens and you need to find a nearby hospital or clinic.

It helps tremendously for people who have a lot of travel anxiety, as you won’t be completely alone while enjoying the sights.

Staying healthy while travelling is entirely possible with just a little bit of preparation, focusing on balance, and making sure you get enough exercise and nutrition on your trip

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